Because of the rain the meeting was put off.
Unless you have a lot of money you should always put off the lights.
Unless you have a lot of money you should always put out the lights.
Please call me up about it tonight.
Please ring me up about it tonight.
I don't know where it is. Could you please point it out?
Please get on quickly.
That's all. Time is up. Give me the papers please.
I'm looking for a coat just like yours.
I'm about to go.
I'm on the verge of having a breakdow.
Are you interested in the so-called flying saucer stories?
The plane will take off on schedule.
In the States the big night to go out is Saturday.
I agree to everything you're saying.
While the boss is away, his aide is in charge of all the employees.
Why don't you take off your coat and make yourself at home.
If you don't take care of children, they will grow up to be little animals.
No matter where she is or what she does she always gets on well.
We certainly do get on well.
After asking many questions, we found out that he moved last week.
Are the Smiths in? No, they're out and won't be in till this evening.
When filing out an application women prefer to leave out their age.
The mother arranged to pick up the children at 5.
Whom did you borrow that amusing bike from?
Before giving that to the boss please look it over.
Before giving that to the boss please check it out.
Don't laugh at me; I am perfectly serious.
During Christmas we usually have a lot of time off.
I'm very disappointed in him.
A man is known by the company he keeps.
A suave quick talking guy can easily take in a young naive girl.
A while ago there was a take-over by the Generals in Greece.
After John jilted her she couldn't get over him.
After the accident he didn't come to for hours.
After the fight, Sue remained quite cross at him.
After the fight, Sue remained quite mad at him.
After the fight, Sue remained quite sore at him.
After the last run-in, I'm through with trying to be nice with him.
After the strike the company decided to lay off all the participants.
After the years of sickness he’s on his last legs.
After their fight she really has it in for him.
After their quarrel they kissed and made up.
After two hours she finally wormed out of him what he was going to buy her as a birthday gift.
After what he said to me he can whistle for it.
After what he said to me, next time, he should live so long.
After you have read the letter, please tear it up.
Airport are so sad that I hate seeing people off.
Alain has been estranged from his wife for five years.
All along she thought he was single, boy he really took her for a ride.
All employees will have to abide by the rules established by the union.
All his life they drummed into him that women are inferior.
All was settled with the two companies and then Shell did an about-face.
All's fair in love and war.
Am I correct in assuming that the case was never cleared up?
Are there enough questions to go around?
At last it dawned on me that I had been taken in all this time.
At present he sees no way out of the mess caused by the accident.
At the end of the month everyone is hard up.
At the flea market I came across the match to my candle stick.
Bardot stands out in any group.
Baseball really turns him on.
Be ready at 6 p.m.; we'll call for you around then.
Because of drink he’s never been able to hold down a job for more than a few years.
Before a premiere she is always very keyed up.
Before crossing the street you should always look out.
Before crossing the street you should always watch out.
Before leaving in the morning you should put away your things.
Before you cook the vegetables it's better to cut them up.
Belgium doesn’t stand a (Chinaman’s) chance to win the Olympics.
Belgium doesn’t stand a ghost of a chance to win the Olympics.
Believe it or not she ate all 14 hamburgers.
Birds of a feather flock together.
Can I please make a suggestion?
Can I please put my two cents in?
Can you make out what this letter means ?
Can you make do with only one bottle for the time being?
Can you please do me a favor for tomorrow ?
Can you please do me a favor for tomorrow ?
Can you please do this translation for me ?
Chew it over and let me know.
Children love to make believe they are princes and princesses.
Choose which one you like. For me it’s a tos-up.
Come January first and I’m going to turn over a new leaf.
Come hell or high water, I will go.
Come on now. I'll meet you half way.
Come on! Try. Just for the fun of it.
Come on! Try. Just for the hell of it.
Could you please pick up some cigarettes for me. I've run out.
Did de Gaulle have a hand in getting Pompidou elected ?
Did you hear the way they broke into the place last Tuesday?
Do I have to spell it out or do you get the picture ?
Do as I say but not as I do.
Do you do the jerk ?
Do you believe in God?
Do you get the hang of it?
Do you have to do the shopping this afternoon or can it wait?
Do you mean that you haven't told your wife yet? Man, you're going to get "it".
Do you think it will come up at next week's meeting?
Do you think wars will ever be done away with?
Do you want to wager on it?
Does mike have any pull in the ministry?
Don't be jealous of Sue, for Tom she is just a passing fancy.
Don't be so excited. If you calm down, you'll understand.
Don't believe her. It was all put on.
Don't count your chickens before they are hatched.
Don't dwell on the matter. That won't help.
Don't judge a book by its cover.
Don't jump to conclusions, nothing is certain yet.
Don't make such a production out of it; if we help you will be able to finish it on time.
Don't put all your eggs in one basket.
Don't put the cart before the horse.
Don't worry, everything will work out all right.
Don't worry, he's bound to figure out that we are here.
Don't worry. All is fixed up now.
Don't worry. All is patched up now.
Don't worry. She'll get hers some day. Everything evens out in the end.
Don’t bite my head off; it was only a suggestion.
Don’t complain now. You brought the whole situation on yourself.
Don’t mess around with her. She knows the ropes.
Don’t mess around with her. She knows the score.
Don’t mess around with her. She knows what's what.
Due to the increase in business he is forced to take on more people.
Each year I make a stop-off at Estoril.
Each year I stop off at Estoril.
Eating cheese with the main dish isn’t done in France.
Eating cheese with the main dish isn’t done in France.
Even a tame police dog will go on its master if provoked.
Even a tame police dog will turn on its master if provoked.
Ever since he left the market, he keeps his hands in stock as a sideline.
Every time his mother-in-law comes to visit them she brings on an argument.
Every year the army takes part in a military event.
Every year the festival takes place at Cannes.
Everything was going very well until I put my foot in it by saying that.
Everything was going well until I put my foot in it by saying that.
Excuse me for being so late but my clock went off late this morning.
Excuse me, I must take off;.
Firing anyone calls for a diplomatic touch.
Fools rush in where wise men fear to tread.
For heaven's sake stop complaining. We're in the same boat, but at least I’m trying to be cheerful.
For years he has made kids’ clothes.
Go along with him till we find out the real story.
Good quality ivory is hard to come by.
Hand in your papers. That's the ball game;.
Harry plays cards well but can’t hold a candle to his brother.
Has she made up her mind yet?
Haste makes waste; do it slower but well.
Have you gone over the speach enough to give it this evening?
Having listened to them brought me around to their way of thinking.
He made a blunder by asking her about her ex-husband.
He made a fool of himself at the party.
He made a killing (or : a bundle) in the Stock- market.
He makes me very sad each time he begins talking about the past.
He asked her point-blank if she would marry him and settle down.
He came out of the accident without a scratch.
He could not stop making jokes for an hour.
He delights in seeing his grandchildren,.
He didn't get over the flu for month.
He didn't like the class so he dropped out.
He didn't like their attitude so he told them off in no uncertain terms.
He drang all night and had some hang over this morning.
He dropped the hint that he'd soon retire.
He flipped over the new girl.
He followed me all day till I finally managed to give him the slip.
He gave her a rough time of it for two years till she finally divorced him.
He got with it when he saw the worker taking advantage of him.
He got so angry at his boss that he really gave him a piece of his mind.
He had no inkling of the difficulty.
He has a gift for mathematics.
He has a knack for rubbing people the wrong way.
He has a one track mind and could never do business with women.
He has always provided well for his kids in spite of their living apart;.
He has been drinking like a fish ever since the death of his wife.
He has decided to turn the business over to his son.
He has no problem. They gave everything to him on a silver platter.
He has the top hand now, but I'll pay him back for what he said.
He hasn't stopped playing fool around since their marriage.
He hasn't stopped running around since their marriage.
He hit it right off the bat.
He hold a grudge against her for a long time.
He is a penny pincher; he must be Scottish.
He is always finding fault with the work of his secretary.
He is getting on in years.
He is gung-ho on (about) the idea of beginning Russian next year.
He is just no good : it all boils down to that.
He is out of his mind.
He is quite keen on baseball.
He is quite mad about baseball.
He isn’t wanting in money.
He knows all the ins and outs. Ask him.
He lays down the law here.
He left his wife high and dry and ran off with his mistress.
He left his wife in the lurch and ran off with his mistress.
He left his wife out on a limb and ran off with his mistress.
He lost all on the stock market and then to boot, he fell ill.
He lost all on the stock market and then to make things worse, he fell ill.
He lost all on the stock market and then to top it off, he fell ill.
He made a pass at the boss's wife and was really lucky that it went unnoticed.
He really pinches pennies; he must be Scottish.
He recently set up the company in Latin America.
He rules the roost here.
He runs the show here.
He should be in the second class but he was kept back because of the school strikes.
He smartened up when he saw the worker taking advantage of him.
He talked me out of the idea which wasn’t very good anyway.
He thinks he'll get a raise but he’s all wet.
He thinks he'll get a raise but he’s out in left field.
He thinks he'll get a raise but he’s sadly mistaken.
He thought he put something over on the company by taking the funds, but they found out.
He was faithful for a year and now he’s up to his old tricks.
He was hanging on by the skin of his teeth.
He was hunted all over France and then finally turned himself in.
He was working so hard that he was really worn out.
He went ape over the new girl.
He went on first to see the lay of the land.
He wised up when he saw the worker taking advantage of him.
He won hands down.
He'll land in jail for that break out if they get him.
He's stark-raving mad.
He's as mad as a hatter.
He's done for, now that the police have the lead.
He's off his rocker.
He's the spitting image of his father.
Hear me out.
Hello, I'm Peter. I am calling on behalf of Joe.
Henry is still head over heels in love with his wife.
Henry is still madly in love with his wife.
Her apartment looks out on the Champs de Mars.
Her blood boiled when he told her.
Her husband has been keeping tabs on her since he suspects she’s cheating.
Her husband's a drunk, but she must put up with him for her children's sake.
He’s a chip off the old block.
He’s a real Romeo always flirting and falling in love every week.
He’s buttering up the boss hoping for a raise in the spring.
He’s in a bad mood this morning; he must have got up on the wrong side of the bed.
His bark is worse than his bite.
His brother was struck down while serving in Vietnam.
His daughter bought the trousseau and her fiance footed the bill.
His daughter bought the trousseau and her fiance picked up the tab.
His ex-wife has run up bills all over town.
His family will never live down the shame of Harry’s having robbed the bank.
His father is such an important person that it will be hard for him to live up to his reputation.
His first riding lesson went like a duck takes to water.
His number's up now that the police have the lead.
Hold on please.
Hold the line, please and I'll see if she’s here.
How about a coffee? I have a bone to pick with you.
How did that family make it’s fortune?
How did the accident come about?
How did they make that mistake ?
How did you make out on the examination.
How did your sister get involved with such a shady group of characters ?
How many cars do they turn out in one day in Detroit?
How much noise that machine makes!.
However bad, I want to know. Don’t pull any punches.
However bad, I want to know. Give it to me straight.
I am fed up with him.
I am sick of him.
I can never get a straight answer out of him as he is forever beating around the bush.
I can't get over it.
I can't believe it's your son. How he has grown up.
I couldn't figure out what all the signs of the map meant.
I don't feel sorry for her. After what she did to him it served her right that he married someone else.
I don't know where he got this dough from. I think he is holding out on us.
I don’t feel up to going to the game this afternoon.
I don’t know beans about the whole thing.
I don’t understand why he wants to quit; he doesn’t know when he’s well off.
I doubt if he will pull through another operation.
I feel as fit as a fiddle since the operation.
I have done that exercise already.
I have already run through the month's money.
I have no use for people who lie all the time.
I haven't had an answer yet. Something's up with them.
I hope all your wishes come true.
I hope you will drop me a line this summer.
I just have a sec. to dash off a note to my family.
I know it isn’t what you wanted, but please do your best to make do with it.
I know that it was a stupid thing to do. Don't rub it in.
I like that gal. She always waits for me right away.
I love the way she has her hair done.
I love the way she has her hair done.
I must go to the boss's office; please keep an eye on the telephone.
I only saw him once, but I’m sure I'll know him on sight anyway.
I only see him once in a blue moon when he needs help.
I take it for granted that you always do the work I give you.
I tell you she has a horrible personality and always gets on my nerves.
I think you're reading more into it than is justified.
I want you to make sure that this time the work is correct.
I wanted to keep that new deal quiet but my assistant spilled the beans.
I wanted to keep that new deal quiet but my assistant gave the show away.
I wanted to keep that new deal quiet but my assistant let the cat out of the bag.
I was completely turned off by the new guy after he spoke like that.
I was going to call to apologize, but on second thought I'd better leave well enough alone.
I was speaking to London and then all of a sudden we were cut off.
I was sure it was Tom at the door but it turned out to be Harry.
I was walking down the champs-Elysées when I ran into my boss and his wife.
I will bend over backward to do what I can for him.
I will put myself out to do what I can for him.
I won't be difficult, give me what you can. Beggars can't be choosers.
I wonder what's up that he's all dressed up.
I wonder what's up that he's all spruced up.
I would be leery of another meeting with them if I were you.
I would like to make an appointment with Mr. Smith please.
I would like to make an appointment with Mr. Smith please.
I would like to have them wrapped up as gifts please.
I wouldn't confide in her if I were you.
I wouldn't give you two cents for that book; it isn’t worth the paper it’s written on.
I'd stake my life on it. I'm sure he was the robber.
I'll do it in a flash.
I'll do it in a jiffy.
I'll do it in a second.
I'll do it in a in a flick of a wink.
I'll do it in next to no time.
I'll do it in the bat of an eye.
I'll do it in two shakes of a lamb’s tail.
I'll get even at all costs.
I'll get even by hook or by crook.
I'll get even no matter what;.
I'll get even. An eye for an eye.
I'll go shoping with you and since it's your birthday, you can pick up anything you like.
I'm down and out.
I'm absolutely certain that she won't come with him. It's out of the question that they be seen together again.
I'm all in.
I'm down in the dumps about his being sick.
I'm inclined to agree with you.
I'm sure she'll give it to you. She has a heart of gold.
I'm sure that something has gone wrong; otherwise they would have come already.
I'm very grateful to you.
If I go away, please make sure that all the orders are carried out.
If I were you I wouldn’t wait for John to do it or else you'll get it when hell freezes over.
If I were you I wouldn’t wait for John to do it or else you'll get it when the cows come home.
If I were you I’d accept the offer, for a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.
If he comes over I'll speak with him about it.
If he continues to drink like that they won't stand for in the office.
If he goes to the police the gang will get his sister. What a mess. His hands are really tied.
If his boss finds out, that’s the ball game.
If two people are talking it isn't polite to break in.
If we can step up the production, we'll be ahead of last year.
If you grease his palm, he'll take care of it.
If you slip the waiter something he'll take care of it.
If you are ready to give that ring away please think of me.
If you begin the compaign, you'll have to see it through.
If you can do that, I'll eat my hat.
If you can fill in this paper without making a mistake, that is very good.
If you catch on to all these idioms, you're really doing well.
If you come to New York, please do get in touch with me.
If you don't know a word you should look it up.
If you don’t do what I say you will never learn correctly.
If you draw up the papers now, I'll come by later to sign them.
If you fall behind in your work, it is extremely difficult to catch up.
If you haven any problem, please come and talk them over with me.
If you make a deal with someone, you are morally obliged to stick to it.
If you miss a lesson, you have to make up the work anyway.
If you put away the money you spend of cigarettes each week, you would be much richer.
If you say it slowly then you won't mix up the ideas.
If you see interesting articles in the pages please cut them out for me.
If you slow down a bit I can ask someone the way.
If you stand me up this time I'm really through with you.
If you're hungry later drop in and you'll take pot-luck with the left-overs.
In France, the women certainly don’t wear the pants.
In France, unlike the U.S., people seldom drop in without calling.
In Israel last year there was a serious build up of arms due to the thread of war.
In June, Sue gave birth to a baby boy.
In case of war, I'm sure that France will back up the States.
In case of war, I'm sure that France will stand up for the States.
In her situation I wouldn't know what to do either. She’s really caught between the devil and the deep blue sea.
In the States they don’t often shake hands.
In the code each letter stands for an agent's name.
Is she the Bardot who is related to the Bardot?
Is the boss aware of the problem?
It depends on you.
It does not matter.
It has rained for three days without letting up.
It is often difficult to break in a new pair of shoes.
It is possible to make room for one more.
It never occurred to me that he didn’t understand what I was saying.
It sound good now but in court he won't have a leg to stand on.
It took to him right away ! What a guy.
It was a narrow escape.
It was a close shave (for accident usually).
It was a rough year but we will have to grin and bear it.
It was such a bore but I had to stay to the bitter end anyway.
It was the robbery of the century and all the thieves got away.
It will be hard to catch on if you miss so many lessons.
It will surely come out that T. was the one who did it.
It's up to you.
It's a woman's prerogative to change her mind.
It's amazing in how many ways your son takes after you.
It's as easy as pie.
It's like looking for a needle in a hayhack.
It's no use crying over spilt milk.
It's not fair to the others to go now when they are too busy to join us.
It's such a pity that her pet dog was run over.
I’m down and out over the latest war news.
Jack gets his Irish up whenever race questions are mentioned.
Jack will lick the pants off of Tom if he starts again.
Jerry is in line for the next promotion.
John asked his boss for a raise again, and again he turned a deaf ear to him.
John missed his chance to get them to sign the contract.
John missed the boat in getting them to sign the contract.
Johnny was so funny that the people couldn't help laughing.
Jones gave him a good talking-to after the faux pas was made.
Just a minute. It’s at the tip of my tongue.
Just look at the mess you've made here.
Just try to make the best of things until the repair man comes.
Keep your fingers crossed that everything will work well.
Kidding aside, what do you think ?
Kids constantly make work for their parents when playing.
La Callas in Paris always brings the house down.
Last week in the country my car broke down.
Last year the big department store was burned up (down).
Let’s play fair and square, and make a deal.
Let’s put the cards on the table and make a deal.
Let’s run through the figures and you'll see that the mistake isn’t mine.
Look at the diamond he bought her. Business must be looking up.
Look before you leap.
Lucky in cards, unlucky in love.
Most Americans try to combine business with pleasure when coming to Paris.
My best advice to you is to hang on to the stocks for a longer period.
My enthusiasm runs away with me when I see the colossal talent of Laurent Terzieff.
My husband would like to try on the black suit please.
My offer holds good until next Monday so make up your mind.
My sister has so many boyfriends that I can't keep track of them.
Never put off to tomorrow what you can do today.
Next week we'll do a review of all the verbs.
No thanks. I’m not much on spinach.
Now that you have taken apart the puzzle see if you can put it together again.
Obviously John has an in to have got that phone in two weeks.
Obviously John has pull in (someplace) to have got that phone in two weeks.
Obviously John knows the right people to have got that phone in two weeks.
Out of sight, out of mind.
Play along with him till we find out the real story.
Please make an effort to get through this work in time.
Please make time to have it finished before Thursday.
Please cross out all the mistakes.
Please don't bother; I don't want to put you out with cooking.
Please don't let me down again.
Please don’t mention that, it will only cloud the issue.
Please go to that movie with me. I have my heart set on seeing it.
Please, you are my guest: it's on me.
Politicians are often oblivious to some of the problems in their areas.
Prices have been tapering off in the last quarter, due to a tax hike.
Printemps has bought up many stores around it.
Put it down to ignorance.
Put them down before you cut yourself.
Quit fooling around and get to work.
Quit horsing around and get to work.
Red hair runs in our family.
Remember to come! We're counting on you.
Remember to come! We're relying on you.
Rome wasn't built in a day.
See how J. reacted. I think he — hit home.
See how J. reacted. I think he — hit a sore spot.
Seeing them together was an eye-opener.
She backed out of the arrangement leaving me in a difficult position.
She blew her top when he told her.
She can dish it out but she can't take it.
She flew off the handle when he told her.
She had a fit when he told her.
She has been cheating on him since the first days of their marriage.
She has been eating her heart out since Tom walked out.
She has been hooked on drugs for five years.
She hit the ceiling when he told her.
She is a push over for any story.
She is quite upset and I suggest that you leave her alone.
She is sick of seeing him and would like to get rid of him.
She is such a snob always putting on airs.
She is such a snob always showing off her expensive clothes.
She is used to staying late.
She is very spoiled because her parents always gave in to her every whim.
She kept on watching TV in spite of the noise.
She made so many mistakes that he gave her a good calling down.
She made so many mistakes that he gave her a good dressing down.
She never finishes what she starts, but gives up in the middel.
She rode roughshod over him and did what she wanted to.
She should stop wearing minis. She is past her prime.
She split a blood vessel when he told her.
She wanted to work for Air France but was turned down.
She was fit to be tied when he told her.
She was so angry that she told him off and wiped the floor with him.
She wasn't born yesterday.
She will have to think hard to find a solution. She's really up the creek without paddles.
She will have to think hard to find a solution. She’s really in hot water.
She will have to think hard to find a solution. She’s really in a hole.
She will have to think hard to find a solution. She’s really in a jam.
She will have to think hard to find a solution. She’s really in a tight spot.
She will run into problems if she tries to go over his head.
She works hand in glove with the rival company in the publicity effort.
She would make a better wife than a career girl.
She wouldn't have said that. It was really hitting below the belt.
Should I make the check out to John personally?
Since he was a little boy, John has respected and looked up to his father.
Smith kicked off last week.
Smith passed away last week.
Something doesn't add up.
Sorry but you can’t have it both ways.
Sorry but you can’t have your cake and eat it (too).
Soup's on! Let me show you where you can wash up.
Ssssh, you know your father likes to sleep late Sundays.
Stop splitting hairs, it's as broad as it's long.
Stop splitting hairs, it's six of one, half a dozen of the other.
Stop fishing for compliments.
Stop it. That'll do.
Stop playing hearts and flowers; I just don’t buy it.
Sue has a nose for a bargain.
Sue was making fun of the child who stuttered.
Sue was making fun of the child who stuttered.
Take it. An offer like that isn’t to be sneezed at.
Take this down.
Take two now; that will do the trick.
Tell me. I give up.
Thank you but I really don't feel like coffee.
That car is quite expensive as it uses up a lot of gas.
That certainly is something to write home about.
That custom had been passed down through the years.
That horrible old chair takes up too much space.
That kind of exercise will do you good.
That kind of painting is a dime a dozen.
That nasty remark was such a shock that I was too taken aback to answer.
That one should eat when hungry goes without saying.
That only added fuel to the fire.
That remark was a dead give-away that the knew the real reason for Tom’s absence.
That sounds very far-fetched. I bet you're pulling my leg.
That was some promotion you got. Come on, let's celebrate.
That whole plan doesn't make sense.
That's food for thought.
That's like bringing coals to Newcastle.
That's my highest offer. Take it or leave it.
The 1960's were marked by sit-ins, love-ins and turnings-ons.
The Americans are dead set against a tax-hike now.
The Americans are pulling out due to the endless strikes.
The Arabs are determined to get back even with the Israeli's.
The Arabs are determined to get even with the Israeli's.
The French asked the British to go into with them on the project.
The President is trying to play down the scandal.
The band is warming up.
The best thing in an emergency is to keep your cool and get the best of the situation.
The best thing in an emergency is to keep your head and get the best of the situation.
The boss was very angry with him and he in turn took it out on his wife that night.
The boy made off with the week's payroll.
The break out was the biggest in this century.
The company will have to stick it out till the strike’s over.
The convict was sentenced to 6 more years of prison for attempting the break.
The early bird catches the worm.
The events bear me out.
The exercise wasn't good. Please do it over.
The factory was complely cleaned out by the flood.
The factory was complely wiped out by the flood.
The fashion houses bring out their collections twice a year.
The father disagreed, but she stood up to him.
The fight was a hoax, completely trumped up.
The gang beat him up.
The gang worked him over.
The gangster was bumped off by the ringleader.
The gangster was knocked off by the ringleader.
The group came around my way of thinking after an hour.
The hardest part of the whole process was to start off the machines.
The head's on;.
The joke was very funny but not at the expense of someone like that.
The kids came into a lot of money when their grandfather died.
The last argument won him over.
The leader bought off the cop on the beat.
The location of the apartment put me off.
The long and the short of it is, he left her.
The minute I saw him it was love at first sight.
The more the merrier.
The mug was a dead ringer for the hold-up guy.
The news spread like wildfire.
The newspapers leaked out that a tax hike was coming.
The next class should be called off because of the holidays.
The only time he’s been faithful to anyone is when the chips are down for him.
The party was marvelous but what a mess to clean up after.
The patient was unconscious but the doctor finally brought her to.
The personnel department went all out trying to get the workers a raise.
The plans suit me to a tee.
The police arrested him but he got off due to his lawyer's help.
The rain put a damper on our plans for a picnic.
The remark really added insult to injury.
The remark was completely uncalled for.
The revolution was put down by the government's troops.
The sign in the window read "Big sale - Selling out".
The spots will not come off (out) I'm quite sure.
The store had to close down for repairs after the fire.
The storm did a lot of harm to the little village.
The strike triggered off a hike in prices.
The theater is crammed with kids.
The theater is packed with kids.
The theater is swamped with kids.
The twins look so much alike I really can’t tell them apart.
The two children sat making faces at each other.
The whole problem in the family stems from the mother’s competition with the daughter.
The write-up of the play in the « Monde » was just crummy.
There are no seats available. Would you like us to put you on the stand-by list?
There has been a lot of conflict and if we don’t air out the issue, there will be a split in the company.
There is certain to be a showdown between the two men over who is to be the one to take over when Tom retires.
These exercises have almost come to an end.
They all ran and left him holding the bag.
They all ran and left him to take the rap.
They answered each other tit for tat.
They certainly don't get on well. Arguments are always breaking out.
They have finally broken up.
They have finally split up.
They made a clean sweep of it and decided to start again.
They threw the book at him for peddling the stuff to kids.
They were going so fast that they bumped into each other.
They were overcome by (with) emotion when hearing about his dead.
They will settle down in a house just near his in-laws.
They will stir up troubles anywhere they can.
They won't posibly be able to keep up the pace.
They're all waiting for him to kick the bucket to cash in on the will.
They're selling like hot cakes.
This afternoon we're going to go for a walk in Champ de Mars.
This dress is so comfortable; it fits like a glove.
This evening she's going to make a chicken but now please make me a cup of tea.
This explanation does not sink in.
This game is very simple. Each one takes his turn at throwing the dice and the highest number wins.
This is a secret, please don't let it out to anyone.
This is no laughing matter.
This is the time when we are flooded with work.
This is the time when we are swamped with work.
This work is a push over.
This work must be knocked off before the summer.
Those are the facts. You be the judge.
Through thick and thin he stuck with me.
Time's up. Hand in your papers please.
To cut a long story short, he left her.
Try some of this: it’s the cream of the crop.
Try some of this: the pick of the lot.
Two heads are better than one; tell me what you think:.
Unfortunately, I don't think we'll get through all this work today.
Until such time as nationalities stop looking down on other nationalities, there will be no peace.
Usually when buying a car they let you trying it out.
Vow; that's a load off my mind.
Wait till the thing blows over before asking for some more money.
Was there a tie-in between the two killings ?
Watch out for him. He’s shrewd and has been around.
Watch out when he gets angry. He has a low boiling point.
Watch out when he gets angry. He’s really quick tempered.
We are all looking forward to finishing these exercises.
We are calling on them this afternoon. Would you like to come with us?
We are doing nothing tonigh, just stay in and take it easy.
We are eating in this evening.
We are moving out tomorrow and going to live in the suburbs.
We are open till 6; come over when you have time.
We are open till 6; pass over when you have time.
We couldn't account for the night's losses.
We decided to go on the spur of the moment.
We didn't expect him to come at all, but he finally showed up at 2 a.m.
We goofed off all day and then snapped to it when the boss came back late in the afternoon.
We got a kick out of the kids play.
We have been making a lot of progress for the last month.
We have spent all the month's money already! We just must cut down on our expenses.
We hit it off. What a guy.
We just touched on the problem today; we'll come back to it.
We knocked oureselves out trying to finish by the dead-line.
We made the most fabulous plans but they fell through at the last minute.
We must get to the bottom of the problem.
We went for his idea but then thinking it over changed our minds.
We were all puzzled by the lunar eclipse in 1970.
We were late in getting started and didn't set out till dusk.
We've been fighting for a long time but last time was the final blow.
We've been fighting for a long time but last time was the last straw (that broke the camel's back).
Well, that's my decision. Think it over and let me know your answer.
Were you able to put the idea across (over) at the meeting ?
What does your brother do for a living?
What a criticism. She tore him to pieces.
What a dunce! He is dead from the neck up.
What a lack of tact. He first jumps in and worries about the result after.
What a pain in the neck thay guy is!.
What a put-up job; he really got taken in.
What a tear-jerker; I just don’t buy it.
What a world! Each man has to fend for himself.
What an argument! They really had it out.
What an evil tongue. She is always running down her husband.
What are they doing this weekend ?
What are you aiming at?
What are you driving at?
What are you hinting at?
What can I do for you, please?
What can we do about it?
What do you care for, meet or fowl?
What is Jim up to that he is so quiet?
What many said about the film "Belle de jour" was the ending was a cop-out.
What sports do you go in for?
What was your falling out about?
What was your run in about?
What you are saying is absurd. Please hush up.
What you are saying is absurd. Please shut up.
What! Not a yacht, just a rowing boat. Count me out.
What's on at the Olimpia this week?
What's up?
What's done is done.
What's going on?
Whatever they say about her, her children are certainly well brought up.
When I was a child I ran away from three boarding school they had put me in.
When did you begin to do business with the Americans ?
When did you cut out smoking?
When driving you must pay attention to ten things at once.
When he said that to his wife, it took my breath away.
When in Rome do as the Romans do.
When judging her you should keep in mind that she had little opportunity in life.
When my sister is older I would like her to take up law.
When she first came up from the province she was a babe in the woods.
When she first came up from the province she was wet behind the ears.
When the cat’s away the mice will play.
When the news get out he will certainly be in trouble.
When the weather is nice, you should take advantage of it and spend time outdoors.
When you have finished speaking you hang up.
Where are they going to make the film?
Where are you folks bound to?
Where are you folks headed to?
Where did you dig up that old lighter ?
Where there's a will, there’s a way.
While the cat's away the mice will play, but when the boss comes back he will crack his foot down.
While the cat's away the mice will play, but when the boss comes back he will put his foot down.
Who does the books for your company?
Who does the books for your company?
Who made that last remark ?
Who is going to see about getting us some more food?
Who is that guy winking at you?
Who was the Swedish actress who starred in his last film ?
Why are you making faces?
Why are you making such a fuss? We can clean it all up quickly.
Why are you making such a fuss? We can clean it all up quickly.
Why do you look so run down?
Why should you expect the company to make up for the loss.
Will Saturday do?
Will this work be done by the end of the month ?
Will you make a trip next year ?
Will you please make them do the work again.
Will you please make a point of asking her today?
With a few drinks in her she really let her hair down.
With the rising cost in living it's hard to make ends meet.
Work has been easing up (off) for a few days.
Would you be willing to help me finish this week-end?
Wow! Take a glance at that sexy gal!.
Wow! Take a look at that sexy gal!.
Yes, he had one piece of bad luck after another; it’s true that when it rains it poors.
Yes, that rings a bell.
You are welcome to whatever you like.
You can borrow this book if you promise to bring it back next week.
You can get by on ten dollars a week in India.
You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink.
You can't commit crime after crime and expect to get away with it.
You hit the nail on the head.
You look so blue. Let's go have a drink and see a movie, maybe that will cheer you up.
You look terrible. Take a glass of this. It's a real pick-me-up.
You missed out on a marvelous evening last night.
You must be cold. Look how many sweaters you have on.
You must excuse me I have to run some errands.
You must have really been scraping the bottom of the barrel to have chosen him to help.
You never know where you stand with her. She blows hot one day and cold the next.
You played right into his hand by making that answer.
You should be sorry for people who are poor and ill.
You will have to do without light for a few minutes.
You will have to sweat it out till the results are given.
You will never understand what the prisoners went through during the war.
You've been speaking for 20 minutes and it’s still as clear as mud.
Do you make suits to measure, please ?
Get out or I'll call the cops.
In a nutshell, he left her.
Make yourself at home. The house is yours.
“How did Jack make so much money in five years ?