She brought some chocolates to the party.
I heard a new song on the radio.
I read three books last week.
They spoke French to the waitress.
He understood during the class, but now he doesn't understand.
I forgot to buy some milk.
She had a baby in June.
You lost your keys last week.
They swam 500m.
I gave my mother a CD for Christmas.
At the age of 23, she became a doctor.
I knew the answer yesterday.
He told me that he lived in Toronto.
We lent John £200.
She drank too much coffee yesterday.
The children slept in the car.
He kept his promise.
I chose the steak for dinner.
The film began late.
We flew to Sydney.
They drove to Beijing.
He taught English at the University.
I sent you an e-mail earlier.
We left the house at 7 a.m..
He felt terrible after eating the prawns.
I came to England in 1993.
She stood under the tree to shelter from the rain.
They did their homework yesterday.
We sang too much last night, I have a sore throat!
He already ate all the cake.
The child fell off his bicycle.
It took three hours to drive to Paris.
I found your keys under the table.
She got a new bike for her birthday.
She sold her house last year.
We went to New York in January.
Finally my mother let me go to a party.
It was cold last night.
I met John at the weekend.
Lucy paid the bill, before leaving the restaurant.
We saw the new film yesterday.
She wore her new coat to the party.
I thought my football team would win.
They put their bags in the bedroom.
Billy ran after the bus.
She said that she would come later.
I bought some books this morning.
We made a cake, it was delicious.
He sat on the old chair, and it broke.
They wrote a letter to their parents.
Julie wasn’t at home, she had gone to the shops.
We’ve already had lunch.
This was the first time she had done her homework
They have begun painting the living room.
We have kept this secret for three years.
He has never driven a motorbike before.
I have been sick all week.
By the time we arrived, the children had eaten all the chocolate.
The books had fallen off the table, and were all over the floor.
“Are you okay?” “ I have felt better.”
I had lent my umbrella to John, so I got wet.
I've been looking for ages, but I haven't found my keys yet.
The birds have flown south for the winter.
She has finally come.
Don't worry, we haven't forgotten about the meeting.
It had become very cold, so we went inside.
You have bought a lot of new clothes recently.
I'd got a lovely new bike for my birthday, so I was keen to try it.
She'd brought a cake to the party, but we didn't eat it.
Have you chosen your university yet?
Have you ever drunk Turkish coffee?
I've given some money to Julia.
Had you heard of this band before you came to the USA?
She has known about the problem for three months.
Why has John left already?
She is a teacher.
We are hungry.
Luke is late.
They are Spanish.
You are happy.
I am thirsty.
It is cold.
She is German.
He is early.
We are tired.
You are beautiful.
I am hot.
I am from London.
You are a doctor.
Emily is my sister.
He is in the garden.
They are on the bus.
We are friends.
I am 25 years old.
She is sick.
I’m not cold.
She isn’t French.
You aren’t an accountant.
John isn’t my brother.
They aren’t from Berlin.
We aren’t late.
It isn’t warm outside.
I’m not hungry.
Ian and Jill aren’t on the bus.
She isn’t Spanish.
He isn’t in the bathroom.
We aren’t thirsty.
It isn’t sunny.
You aren’t a teacher.
They aren’t at school.
Lucy isn’t from Australia.
I’m not a nurse.
He isn’t sleepy.
We aren’t at home.
You aren’t from China.
Is John in the garden?
Are they hungry?
Are we late?
Are you tired?
Is he French?
Is she a teacher?
Are Harry and Lucy from London?
Am I early?
Are you thirsty?
Is she on the bus?
Are we on time?
Is Pedro from Spain?
Are they in Tokyo?
Is Julie at home?
Are the children at school?
Are you in a cafe?
Am I right?
Are we in the right place?
Is she German?
Is he a doctor?
Where is John?
Why are they hungry?
Where are we?
Who are you?
Why is he late?
What is this?
Where is Jimmy ?
How old is she ?
How are you ?
Where is the station?
What time is it now?
Where is Pedro from?
Why are they in the kitchen?
How is the food?
How long is the journey?
How old are you ?
Why am I last ?
What time is the concert?
Where is she?
Who is Julie with?
He’s French.
We aren’t cold.
Is he a footballer?
Where’s John?
We’re German.
He isn’t a journalist.
We aren’t singers.
Are you a nurse?
They’re from Libya.
Where’s David?
How’s your mother?
We’re thirsty.
How long’s the film?
How often are you in London?
He’s handsome.
I’m not English.
You aren’t a doctor.
She isn’t Italian.
He’s my brother.
You aren’t Egyptian.
You’re hungry.
They aren’t at home.
When’s the party?
Are Julie and Ann on the bus?
Is she kind?
Are they German?
Are you late?
Am I early?
Are you from London?
They’re sad.
She’s beautiful.
We’re in love.
Where are you?
I’m happy.
What’s this?
I’m not too hot.
She isn’t called Julia.
How old is she?
What time is the train?
He isn’t an accountant.
He goes to school every day.
I like swimming.
You play badminton on Saturdays.
The class begins at 9 a.m.
They sometimes go to the cinema.
She loves chocolate.
We study French.
They live in London.
He works in a restaurant.
Lucy plays the guitar.
We cook every day.
He cleans the house at the weekends.
I like reading detective stories.
You come from France.
John and David often go to restaurants.
Susie studies English every night.
The train leaves at 6 p.m.
We go to the park on Sundays.
He likes taking photographs.
The moon goes round the earth.
We often watch TV.
I hate mushrooms.
She visits her grandmother every Christmas.
They use the Internet every evening.
You often go swimming.
John hates waiting for the bus.
Lucy and Jill want to go out tonight.
I usually stay at home on Fridays.
He loves driving fast cars.
They often have parties.
She takes a piano lesson every Monday.
We like watching French films.
You go to bed very early.
I always eat breakfast.
They often arrive late.
He lives in Beijing.
David works in a school.
She reads a lot of novels.
The Queen likes her dogs.
I cook almost every night.
I don't like coffee.
I don't live in Paris.
She doesn't come from Spain.
John doesn't work in a bank.
They don't get up at eight o'clock.
We don't go to the cinema every Friday.
You don't read the newspaper every day.
He doesn't go to school in France.
We don't watch TV in the evening.
I don't have a shower in the morning.
She doesn't drink tea every afternoon.
They don't visit their parents at the weekend.
You don't study English very often.
It doesn't rain here in the summer.
We don't go out on Tuesday nights.
He doesn't like cabbage.
The sun doesn't go round the earth.
She doesn't play the piano.
I don't smoke.
Julie and Lucy don't play football.
He doesn't enjoy jazz.
We don't buy many clothes.
She doesn't like studying.
You don't love me.
They don't work at home.
Lucy doesn't have a computer.
I don't take the bus at night.
David doesn't travel much.
We don't have any children.
You don't study Biology.
Julie doesn't listen to much music.
They don't live close to our house.
She doesn't work abroad.
You don't own a bicycle.
I don't get up early.
They don't have a car.
He doesn't come home late.
I don't like travelling by plane.
You don't come from Africa.
She doesn't have any brothers or sisters.
Do they hate studying?
Do you drink tea every morning?
Do you smoke?
Does he play tennis on Saturdays?
Do you go shopping at the weekend?
Do you drink alcohol?
Does she work in an office?
Do they study French?
Do you meet your friends on Fridays?
Do you read a lot?
Does John come from New Zealand?
Do they like pizza?
Do we arrive at 9 p.m.?
Does it snow here in winter?
Does Lucy study History?
Do I work as a teacher?
Does he eat rice often?
Do you like coffee?
Where do you go to school?
What do you do?
Where does John come from?
How long does it take from London to Paris?
How often does she go to the cinema?
How many children do you have?
When do you get up?
How often do you study English?
What time does the film start?
Where do you play tennis?
What sports does Lucy like?
How do they get to work?
How often do I come here?
Where does she live?
Why do you eat so much chocolate?
What does this machine do?
Who does she meet on Saturdays?
How many brothers does she have?
How much does this cost?
Where do you eat lunch?
He drives to work every day.
I don't think you're right.
Do we have enough time?
I eat cereal in the morning.
Do they write e-mails every day?
You watch a lot of TV.
He doesn't read the newspaper.
Does she dance often?
Where do I come on Mondays?
What do you do at the weekend?
You don't drink much tea .
How does he travel to work?
They don't like vegetables.
She catches a cold every winter.
Do I go out often?
Do you speak English?
We take the bus often.
She doesn't walk to school.
What do you buy in the supermarket?
How does he carry such a heavy bag?
Do they wear suits to work?
He doesn't say much.
When does she study?
She knows a lot about cooking.
We make dinner at the weekends.
I don't leave work on time very often.
Does she meet her brother every week?
They find London's weather cold.
Do we use the computer every day?
You don't smoke.
Why do we always get into trouble?
What do they usually cook?
What do we need?
They don't win at tennis.
What do they like to watch on TV?
I do my homework every night.
Why does she swim every morning?
You walk to the station every day.
Does he teach in a school?
He studies English at a night class.
We don't go out much.
They think it's a good idea.
Does he know how to play the violin?
Why do I have to clean up?
She doesn't sleep late at the weekends.
Do I love studying languages?
We don't believe the Prime Minister.
Do you understand the question?
She doesn't want to go to the cinema.
I like trying new kinds of food.
Does David want some coffee?
What does Lucy do at the weekends?
They don't work late on Fridays.
She has three daughters.
Do you own a car?
Where does Alicia work?
When does she go to her Chinese class?
I don't believe you.
She thinks about her holidays often.
Do you like going to restaurants?
I'm in a café now.
Does she play tennis every week?
They go to the cinema every Wednesday.
Is she a singer?
You find the weather here cold.
Are they on the bus?
Lucy rides her bicycle to work.
Why is he in France?
I don't play the piano often.
It isn't cold today.
We are from Portugal.
Do we make too much noise at night?
Where does Harry study?
Is it foggy today?
We aren't late.
They don't like animals.
Where are you?
He isn't an accountant.
Does the dog eat chicken?
She's my sister.
I'm in a café now.
Does she play tennis every week?
They go to the cinema every Wednesday.
Is she a singer?
You find the weather here cold.
Are they on the bus?
Lucy rides her bicycle to work.
Why is he in France?
I don't play the piano often.
It isn't cold today.
We are from Portugal.
Do we make too much noise at night?
Where does Harry study?
Is it foggy today?
We aren't late.
They don't like animals.
Where are you?
He isn't an accountant.
Does the dog eat chicken?
She's my sister.
Are you coming tonight?
Does he eat rice every day?
I am working at the moment.
Does he come to London often?
He is playing tennis now.
Are you coming to the cinema later?
They aren't coming to the party tomorrow.
He isn't playing golf now.
Are you playing tennis this Sunday?
They go to a restaurant every Saturday.
She doesn't go to the cinema very often.
You usually arrive late.
He normally eats dinner at home.
Do you study every night?
Do they work late usually?
You aren't going out later.
I'm not working tonight.
Is she working at the moment?
I don't drink coffee very often.
Julie is sleeping now.
You don't like chocolate.
She isn't studying at the moment.
We often go to the cinema.
He doesn't usually do his homework.
They don't eat rice every day.
We don't study every night.
Do you like spicy food?
Does she go to Scotland often?
Is he eating now?
We are going to the cinema this weekend.
They are studying now.
I clean the kitchen every day.
She works every Sunday.
We aren't sleeping now.
He doesn't go to the park very often.
It rains a lot here.
I'm going on holiday tomorrow.
How long is she staying in London?
I often read at night.
We don't drink much wine.
Julie is reading in the garden.
What are we having for dinner tonight?
She has two daughters.
I'm staying in Spain for two weeks this summer.
He often comes over for dinner.
The class begins at nine every day.
What are you eating at the moment?
What is Susie doing tomorrow?
I don't work on Sundays.
She isn't studying now, she's watching TV.
How often do you go to restaurants?
I'm not going on holiday this summer.
I'm sorry, I don't understand.
She is working as a waitress for a month.
She takes a salsa dancing class every Tuesday.
It's cold here in winter.
Take your umbrella, it's raining.
This cake tastes delicious.
The bag belongs to Jack.
When are you arriving tonight?
She has a bath every evening.
My husband is always tasting the food while I'm cooking! It's very annoying.
Where's Luke? He's seeing the doctor now.
I don't think that's a good idea.
He's having a party at the weekend.
This coffee doesn't taste right.
We're seeing John and Susie next weekend.
What do you think about the war in Iraq?
She has a headache.
It's cold today.
They don't have a car.
I don't see anything, I can't work the telescope.
The waiter is tasting the wine now.
She isn't a doctor.
What is that child doing? He's being silly.
Are you hungry? Do you want a sandwich?
What are you doing? I'm thinking about my ex-boyfriend.
I'm having fun today!
I see Julie every Tuesday.
I have an idea!
Achoo! Bless you! Do you have a cold?
They often see a film on Fridays.
How's the cake? It tastes funny.
Are you having a good time at the moment?
The chef always tastes the food before he serves it.
Julie has been offered a new job. Is she going to take it? She doesn't know. She's thinking about it.
I'll call you when I arrive at my hotel.
He'll text you as soon as he's on the bus.
Let's eat dinner when John gets here.
Julie will be late tomorrow evening, so I've booked a table at a restaurant for 9pm.
As soon as I am able to, I'm going to get a new job.
Please wait here until the nurse calls you.
I'll get up early tomorrow morning and finish the report then.
Before you leave, please make sure you've locked the door.
She'll let us know later, when she's ready to leave.
I must clean the kitchen before my mother gets here.
I'll come to meet you at the station next weekend.
I'll wait until you're finished – then we can go.
John will study until he knows all the answers.
She thinks that it will rain next weekend.
What do you want to do after the class finishes?
I think that the Democrats will win the next election.
Jenny will come here after she finishes work.
She's going to look for a job as soon as she arrives in London.
I will give up smoking!
She'll send me an email before she leaves the office later today.